Rams Horn – Kara

STORYTIME! so Kara and I both fence and one Lady of the Rose tourney we had an amazing moment together. She and I had taken our guards and were both being cautious. Very minimal movement. Then a butterfly comes and lands on the tip of her sword. We look at each other and I nod- she drops guard and with perfect grace arcs her tip toward the list rope so the butterfly can get off her sword. Complete Disney Princess moment! She now has dragonflys on her heraldry. So fast forward and she gets a Rams horn and I new I had to make a dragonfly with snowflakes and incorporate a rams horn. Sure – that makes perfect sense Anne (except not really). But I did it. Caine helped me with the words, which read: Small of Stature Giant with Blade Fearsome Warrior and loving friend. Smile to greet or send to Valhalla. So should Rams horn she wear.


Rams Horn – Gwydion

Baronial martial prowess award is a Rams horn. When I made this scroll (along with two others) I was still a little hesitant to do complex scrolls and was actually enjoying simpler scrolls. This scroll – though not busy – taught me a lot. How to correct mistakes and how to appreciate blank space. This was also the first time I did any kind of vine work or used a fountain pen.

Order of the Pine – Deonna

In the Barony of Concordia of the Snows, our service award is the Order of the Pine. One of our long time members somehow had not yet been bestowed this award. I was lucky enough to have been able to make the scroll. Deonna has a German persona and is a musician. It was suggested that I use Fraktur – mind you I’m still not a calligrapher but I try – and apparently I made the German script “too angry”. That is hysterical to me because I belong to a German Fighting household. So I found an image to work from which included a really long horn and a flag. That was perfect for incorporating the Pine heraldry. Deonna often wears purple so I made the dress purple. She also had long wavy blonde hair and I got a little creative with how to do that.

The words read: When history is recited one name is spoken again and again. Autocrat of this Musician for that Chatelaine of many. The rings of the Pine grow from the service of others. Long has Mistress Deonna nurtured our growth as such a pine she should be.

I am especially proud of the W and the hair.

Scrolls involve blow torches right?

I pulled my hair back before I used it. Honestly!

Yup! Yup they do. Sometimes. The first scroll I ever made was a baronial Rams Horn (martial prowess) for Liam. It wasn’t traditional. I used a buckler that I had been holding onto. I can paint metal and wood right? RIGHT! (I’d like it noted that as of the time of this project I was like I CAN PAINT ANYTHING – but I hadn’t used gouache yet soooo)

Back to the blow torch! I didn’t want to fully scorch the wood but more like give it the look of maybe something burning fell on it? Once I was satisfied with that, I painted the center boss a metallic bronze base. I knew that I wanted to paint the rams horn on the center but what else was I going to do? The Concordia populace badge? Sure. Also space for Maria & Faolan to “sign”. Yup.

Once that was done I had to seal it. I used super modern clear gloss spray. DON’T HATE ME!! Then I had to do words… oh yeah see…. I don’t calligraphy. Oops. Weeellllllll lets just try to write out some words on the back. That will work. Liam will still love me. Yup.

The words read:

The Concordian Rams Horn is a testament to the strength and martial perseverance of the bearer. Liam Guversson is a man who has shown Us both of these traits. Strength of character to use his prowess to teach adult warriors and youth. Perseverance to fight to be Our champion though he had plague! So do We, Maria & Faolan, Baroness and Baron demand that he walk among the Order of the Rams Horn as of this War of the Roses XXXIX