Lady Grey gets Silver

One of my best friends in and out of the SCA, Eleanor Grey (mka Rachael), was getting her Silver Wheel. I uhhh … I needed to make this scroll because reasons. See at the time this was happening, my heathen ass had been assigned to take my elderly mother in law to church every Sunday. Rachaels heathen ass got to text me during church to keep me sane. Dear reader I assure you the salt was real and piled high. One thing I did notice while at church every week was DAMN THOSE PRETTY WINDOWS THOUGH! So naturally Eleanor was getting a church stained glass window themed scroll because again, reasons.

Tis was the first time I really played around with mixing gouache for different effects. oh and iridescent medium = SHINY GLASS

Aaaaannnnnd this was ’round about the time that I had to remind myself “ANNE YOU DONT MAKE THE WORDS PRETTY YET.” damn. yeah – I uuhhhhh I can manage this right? I’ll draw the words in pencil and then use a micron (Dear Reader I promise you I have learned the error of such ways)

I tried to incorporate poignant little things in the edges of the windows – a needle & thread, an archery bow, the northern army & chancellor minor symbols. Then I had to make the bricks look like stone. My genius brain said well just thin out the gouache and do layers. Dear Reader, do you know what happens to Bristol when it gets too wet? I DO! it warps – it gets all wavy – NONE OF THAT IS GOOD. You may be wondering what did she do to fix it? How did she manage to get it straight again? Did she start over? Well, I did not start over. I cried – I wallowed with wine then Reader I had a “brilliant” idea. I. Ironed. The. Scroll. …… yup.

At the end of the day it was fine. Eleanor was happy with it. I even got some oooohhhhs and aaaahhhhhs when it went out in court.


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